SF Mitten Gauntlets w/ Reinforced Thumb Protector
SF Mitten Gauntlets w/ Reinforced Thumb Protector
Ref#: HFG0704
Price 145$

SF Mitten Gauntlets w/ Reinforced Thumb Protector is designed for HEMA training.

  1. Exceptional protection for full hand from injury for all five fingers.
  2. Reinforced thumb protector for extra protection of thumb.
  3. Hard plastic shells all over the hand and thumb made of Polypropene.Polypropene is highly durable lightweight plastic with  high impact strength and resistance to cracks.
  4. Overlapping of plastic shells all protects knuckle part of hand.
  5. Gloves cuff have inserted plastic plates for protection of wrist.  
  6. Inner gloves is also made of highly durable fabric. 
  7. Belt with a buckle on wrist for better adjustment of gloves.
  8. Very durable rivets on gloves.  
  9. Ideal for training with heavy weapons including feders and dussacks and for HEMA tournaments.
  10. Available in sizes S,M,L,XL.   
  11. Free color customization available in 35 different colors. 
  12. Available in customize sizes with only 15$ extra.

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